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Fred (Louis Iacavello) works in a garage as a mechanic where he is surrounded by what comforts him; machines. He'd rather live his life people free with only cars to fix. One day, a neighbor's misfortune changes his life forever. This event forces him to face his fears and change what is missing in his life. MECHANIC is a quiet and humorous look into how one introverted man rediscovers the world around him. Written, directed and produced by Asher Glaser.

On The Lot Introduction
This was my introduction for the show On The Lot on Fox. I didn't get in but as you can see from the clip, they lost a major player in H-Town (that's Hollywood to you non-industry types).
On The Lot (QuickTime, 0:44)
On The Lot (Windows Media Player, 0:44)

A documentary about street artists in Los Angeles who collaborate together on a mural. It recently won second place in the shorts category at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology! This is the 5:00 version. There is a 14:41 version for festivals.
Excerpt from PIECE(S) (QuickTime, 5:01)
Excerpt from PIECE(S) (Windows Media Player, 5:01)

On The Rebound
Allan (Andre Hotchko) is a middle class guy who's been on the rebound from his ex-fiancee for six months now. His co-worker Roger (Asher Glaser) convinces him to just try Internet dating. Much to Allan's surprise he finds a wonderful date. What looks to be a home run for Allan soon turns into a night he'll never forget.
Excerpt from On The Rebound (QuickTime, 1:45)
Excerpt from On The Rebound (Windows Media Player, 1:45)


Detective Moses

Chris Hansen & Joey Greco Together

The Bourne Ultimatum Spoof

Paris Hilton In Jail Interview Exclusive

Past Productions

Asher TV
My spin on late-night cable television.
Excerpt from Asher TV (QuickTime, 6:35)
Excerpt from Asher TV (Windows Media Player, 6:35)

Above The Bar
Long-form improv show featuring Second City graduates at St. Nick's Pub Theater, Los Angeles, CA.

Robert G. Dog
Original long-form improv created for the Improv Olympic West stage. This clip introduces the audience to the format of the show we created, which focused on one Robert G. Dog production per show and the making of the film behind-the-scenes.

Robert G. Dog Introduction (QuickTime, 2:11)
Robert G. Dog Introduction (Windows Media Player, 2:11)

Shake Your Rump - Beastie Boys Spec Music Video

Budweiser Spec Shot

Budweiser Spec Shot (QuickTime, 0:30)
Budweiser Spec Shot (Windows Media Player, 0:30)

KFC Spec Spot

KFC Spec Spot (QuickTime, 0:32)
KFC Spec Spot (Windows Media Player, 0:32)

City of Dreams
A play written and directed by Asher Glaser. The original theatrical engagement ran at the St. Nick's Pub Theater in Los Angeles, CA.
View the program (PDF)

The Sensitive Straight Guy
The original theatrical engagement ran at the ACME Comedy Theater in Hollywood, CA. Starred Devon Michael Jones, Marisa Petroro, Joshua Snyder and Elizabeth Sheridan.

West, by Steven Berkoff
Directed West Coast premiere in Los Angeles, CA